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Signature Keepsake Box

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I’ve been so excited to show you all lovely fans and clients the new product I’m offering – Signature Keepsake Box! There’s another keepsake box I have available as well which is the Glass Keepsake Box; it’d be perfect for you if you’re wanting something more intricate and dainty. The[…]

Indiana Summer Break Adventures

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Summer break is just around the corner here in Indiana. Maybe you’ll be a senior next year, and you want to live out your summer the best you can. Or maybe last summer was boring, and you want to make this summer more exciting. Whatever it is, here are some[…]

How to Plan Your Graduation Party

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Establish a Budget With Pinterest and all, it’s easy to get carried away by buying numerous decorations and too many cupcake options. Talk with your parents about how much they’d want to spend on your grad party and how much on what. This will be the decision factor for most[…]

Yorktown Senior: Katherine

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I had the pleasure of creating Katherine’s senior portraits! If you know her, then you know just how genuine and sweet she is! She’s a 2016 Yorktown senior who enjoys tennis and listening to one of her favorite bands, Fall Out Boy. Scroll below to view her fave senior photos[…]

Glass Keepsake Box

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One of the new products I’m offering this year is the Luxe Glass Keepsake Box! I really wanted to offer my clients this box because it’s so dainty and beautiful. I believe it reflects my brand perfectly and will be a favorite among my clients. The box is completely handmade[…]

Romantic Prom Updos

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For most of you, prom is just around the corner. Prom is a huge deal for most teen girls, and a few of you may only go to prom once in your life. I want to help you make it memorable and special! Prom hair is almost as big of[…]

Indiana Urban Spring Photoshoot: Ashley

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Let me introduce you to Ashley! She’s such a beautiful girl both inside and out. When I first met her, she was full of joy, and I can definitely say she’s one of the sweetest girls I’ve met! Her photos truly reflect just that! We went to an urban location.[…]

Plymouth, Indiana Spring Family Session: Demis Family

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The Demis family really wanted to document their daughter’s, Lauren, first year of life. I designed a series of sessions for them and created a Grow with Me package. So far, we documented their daughter at 3 months and 6 months. Now, here is her 9 month session! We started[…]

Instagram Accounts for Teens

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Here’s a list of Instagram accounts for teens (or even young adults)! I categorized the list into what you may be interested in such as fashion, quotes, art, etc. If you know of an IG account that I could add, please comment on this post. I’ll be adding to it[…]

Photoshoot Makeup Tips

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What most people don’t realize is there’s a difference between everyday makeup and camera-ready makeup. You may ask, “Well, what’s the difference?” When you book a senior or family portrait session with Allison Lyon Photography, I’ll give you a makeup guide for free (pictured below)! The makeup guide will give[…]

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